Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Trans Day of Remembrance

It's International Trans Day of Remembrance tomorrow.

(Incidentally, I'm trying to black out this blog for that very reason). Embarrassingly, the top part just will not comply. Can somebody tell me how to do it?)

The list of names for this year:

Kellie Telesford

Brian McGlothin

Gabriela Alejandra Albornoz

Patrick Murphy

Stacy Brown

Adolphus Simmons

Fedra ?

Ashley Sweeney

Sanesha Stewart

Lawrence King

Simmie Williams Jr.

Luna ?

Lloyd Nixon

Felicia Melton-Smyth

Silvana Berisha

Ebony Whitaker

Rosa Pazos

Juan Carlos Aucalle Coronel

Angie Zapata

Jaylynn L. Namauu

Samantha Rangel Brandau

Ruby Molina

Aimee Wilcoxson

Duanna Johnson

Dilek Ince

Teish Cannon

Ali ? and two other women, names unknown

I didn't want to talk about "cause of death" and "age at death" in this post. These people, mainly young women from ethnic minorities, were not born to be murdered. They had personalities, friends, families, interests and passions.

I could link to the few cases in which we have information about one of these people as an individual, but it's always an addendum in a piece about their deaths.

So, all we have is their names. In the cases of most such victims, we don't have even those.

Sometimes, I fantasise that I could be allowed near these people's killers, with a weapon. Any weapon. The murderer of Kellie Telsford is walking free around London...

But the answer doesn't lie that way.

Just... remember.


Kim said...

the fact that the youngest was 15 years old if fucking disgusting, and im sorry but the people who killed them should get more time in prison cos its a hate crime, lower sentences, and if these people where 'normal' in the minds of the people who killed them, they would be getting a such a higher sentence

im mad sorry

Battybattybats said...


I don't think you should be sorry for being mad.

Anonymous said...

skurrRegarding the murder of Kellie Telesford. Only a few days after her death Kellie came to me and since that day I have become aware of the great honour that has been bestowed upon me by her. It is a long story and even after a year I am still learning because her soul goes right back into antiquity and her knowledge is phenominal. I will come straight to the most important points and firstly say with her authority that she feels happy and content now and for Hyatt there will be no escape. I will now bring you Kellies last moments as she has told me. In the early hours of Sunday the 18th of November 2007 at Flat 1, 81 Leander Road, Thornton Heath,CR7-6JZ. Hyatt had been seemingly asleep since about 1.30am on the side of the bed nearest the window. Kellie expected him to leave when he awoke because she never had any doubts about him. Kellie was awake until just after 3am when she fell asleep on the side of the bed nearest the television which remained on. Kellie was awoken at around 5am by the sounds that Hyatt made as he was disconnecting and moving her television and sound equipment. She sat up and saw him carrying her DVD towards the door and she also noticed that her handbag was no longer on the table. She challenged him saying "What do you think you`re doing you thief" and Hyatt became enraged and replied"I`ll kill you, you bastard sex maid",(in jamaican slang). Hyatt grabbed the scarf which was hanging over the back of the chair nearest the door and quickly with the scarf outstretched between his hands he mounted the bed. Kellie did not expect him to kill, she thought that he would gag her and tie her up. She said "Stop! I only have these",it was too late, the scarf was around her neck very quickly and she being sleepy stood little chance. Although very frightened she felt little pain and it was rapidly over. Hyatt made sure that the scarf was well tied to ensure that she did not come round and pulled her on to the floor and then covered her up. Now that she was out of the way he went through her belongings making off with all that he could carry including the little money that she had, about £17. Hyatt never knew that Kellie was transgender, he killed just to get away with the theft of a few items of no great monetary value just to feed his crack habit. I attended every minute of the case T008-7007 at the Old Bailey and Kellie was there too. It was disgusting, the way the conniving and unscrupulous defence lead by the unprincipled Joanna Greenberg and backed by corrupt Pillai and Jones used Lies, Hypotheses,unfounded sexual theories, twisted witnesses and slanderous attacks on Kellie in order to brainwash a Jury of little more than a load of buffoons who niether knew logic nor had common sense in order to get Hyatt off. The judge did not help iether as he was under pressure from the near bankrupt criminal courts system and allowed the thick jury to take short cuts to resolve questions which would take higher levels of reasoning so as to bring the case to a speedy close and not run into another week. So now you see how strongly I feel and I am livid at the at the fact that none of Kellies close friends have come forward on the web to defend her. It seems that I am the only one there is to take the flack and I will persist, a website will soon be generated in her name to bring the truth to all who who are concerned over the gross injustice and if it is taken down I shall have it hosted in a country unfriendly to the west. Finally Kellie has great power which has enabled me to easily communicate with her, she goes back to a time when she existed as Gibsefa in the nineteenth dynasty and was responsible for much of the work in the construction of the memorial temple of Seti 1st at that time we were lovers and both male hence the close contact which I have with her. I have placed memoriams in both the croydon local papers for her on the 1st anniversary. Never ever be afraid to die. Yours Yelhsa ,Nottingham,NG3-6FT,(Nr31).