Monday, 12 January 2009

How to make an autistic obsessive-compulsive cry...

We organised skeletons today, which is a pleasing thing to do. If respectful treatment of human skeletal material is organised from the outset, one rarely has to consider its previous use inside humans (disrespectful treatment means one would have to consider it, to rectify the problem). I just like arranging things correctly, bones included.

I was wrestling with the worst preserved skeleton of the lot. Many of the bones were unrecognisable at first glance, appearing just as bony lumps. And a mean trick was played upon me.

"This is a ball and socket joint. It plainly doesn't belong to a pelvis, but the scapulae are both there."

While someone else was muttering... "This foot has six and a half toes..." I wasn't really paying attention. I was stuck, stuck and unhappy with my outlying chunk of scapula.

It was, finally, the three lower legs that clinched it (and I mean finally, we'd been so desperate to sort the damn thing that the third bone disappeared from our vision entirely for about half an hour).

When I'm in Hell, they'll make me sort things that cannot be sorted.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to make a brief, unrelated public service announcement:

If someone has a female-assigned vagina, and intact "female" reproductive organs, and you have a male-assigned penis and intact "male" reproductive organs, and you place the latter genital into the former with no heed to safer sex...

Small humans can be made.

The gender identity of the vaginaed partner is not important. Neither is their exposure to testosterone. Small humans can still be made.

I'M NOT PREGNANT BTW, this is for a man I spoke to recently, and those like him... I quote.

"I fucked him up the fanny! What? He could WHAT?"


Kim said...

"I fucked him up the fanny! What? He could WHAT?"

is it wrong to laugh my arse off at this?? and his stupidity of course

and skeletons are awesome, but badly preserved ones are a pain.

and you cant be pregnant if im having your baby :p


Anonymous said...

Remember. He fucked him up the fanny, seven times, in one night!

I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh. Such wisdom, so elegantly expressed. I don't think I'd ever met that guy before, but what a first impression :P

- Joanne

Daphne said...

This blog may be unusual, but it is never dull.

Kim said...

Remember. He fucked him up the fanny, seven times, in one night!

and suddenly I don't feel depressed anymore

did he not think, hold on this dude has a fanny I may be able to get him pregnant!!

apparently not

and Daphne is right unusual but never dull :D

and SEVEN times, ive never had sex seven times in one night, thats unbelievable to me