Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The New Doctor!

On the day the new Doctor was announced, I asked the nearest person - a ten-year-old girl - "Well, who is it then?"

"A man." said she, then after a pause, "Who is ugly."

After learning that Steven Moffat would be running the show, I didn't much care who played the lead - it could be a turnip. We'd still watch religiously.

But my curiosity was piqued, so I got the name out of her - well, several names - "Mark Smith or Matt Brown or something" - and consulted Google.

It is Matt Smith, a man... who is no, not at all ugly. In any way.

He's got that slightly chiselled/poncey/geek look that, in men, makes me want to introduce them to Mortimer Wheeler (if you don'k know, don't ask, no, really. That's the most delicate euphemism I got).

If we'd known they were considering actors with extensive stage careers but little previous TV stardom, I'm sure a lot of the actors I know would have gone for the job (and their jealous rivals wouldn't have stuck pins in a Doctor Who doll conveniently placed on the agency desk for the purpose, oh no...).

And all the people going OH NOES, how will we believe that a 26-year-old is a 900-year-old Time Lord???!1...



...oh, never mind.


IAmATVJunkie said...

He's young enough to be my son.

That's a bit of a problem for me.

Kim said...

Playing the Doctor is something that will make you known, for always being the Doctor, so its good that he is hardly known, cos really we dont want to be going 'isnt he the one out of such and such'

and beside you hit the nail on the head with chiselled/poncey/geek look, yes he should be introduced to Mortimer Wheeler and he is also Hot which is something ive wanted in a scfi since voyager finished and Harry Kim was gone :(


Battybattybats said...

I haven't really found many people on Dr Who sexy in any of its eras to be honest. A few here and there but not many. But tastes vary so very much.

I just hope he can act the part and that they write it well.

I still miss the old slower-paced stories of the old show. Finally getting the black and white Quatermass shows on DVD reminded me very much how good a slow-paced tv program was.

It's a pity though that with the doctor almost out of regenerations (if he isn't already over the limit depending on how you take the Brain of Morbius faces quandry) that they didn't go with the often-rumoured race or sex change regeneration.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Lovely Ollie! :) I found your blog! Actually I found it a while ago from the link on your facebook profile, I just forgot, because I'm brilliantly intelligent like that.

Anyway, I think Matt Smith is a great choice for the new Doctor. I liked him a lot in Party Animals, and I think he has just the right amount of quirkiness for his new role. I'm very excited!

- Joanne (Yanno, first year psychology student, usually can be found within a 10-foot radius of Elliott) xxx

shiva said...

Seen in a small photo from across the room, he could pass for a younger picture of Tennant. I thought the Doctor was supposed to change, not just de-age, with each regeneration.

Also... i am now older than Doctor Who. This is wrong.

What was wrong with Paterson Joseph? He would have been awesome...

Oliver A. FP said...

I agree that Paterson Joseph would have been awesome.

Meh, if the Doctor was going to stay white and male, he might as well stay young too. Age hasn't been a previous barrier (while everything else has!), so I can't get too angry about it now.

i don't think it's a symptom of our culture's obsession with the young and beautiful... because frankly, Matt Smith is too... weird-looking for anyone (apart from oddities like me) to find attractive!

Kim said...

well then call me an oddity too cos i think he is hot too :D