Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Manga Ollis

OK, so a couple of years ago, I looked like this:

Now, I look like this:

Hagrid has pretty much continuously looked like this (which is, of course, how he gets the pseudonym - particularly from the small child that pointed and yelled "Look Mummy, it's Hagrid"*):

I guess that for him, as a pansexual (who has never been entirely out, in case his mother goes OH NO, I RAISED *TWO* OF THEM**??? and cries, but I'm very sure she doesn't read this), the variety has been pleasing. He's had the depressed femme and the comparatively cheerful androgynous man: now he just needs someone resembling an Uruk-hai for balance.

No can do, I'm afraid.

Well, making those was some time I'll never get back...

*Actually, he resembles Hagrid in personality, too - yup, entirely. You guys, I'm doing Hagrid!

**My queer-theory-sense is tingling... his (out) sister is bi- rather than pansexual, because she only likes men and women.


Kim said...

im wondering how your eyes managed to change colour as well :p


Oliver A. FP said...

oh bollocks, I forgot the eyes in the first one... poo.

Finlay said...

:-O i am afraid you are going to have to show me a genuine photo because i do not believe that is you hahaha xx