Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Joyful Fun

So today, I went to the doctor's and talked about getting referred to a GIC (note that I said neither "saw a doctor" nor "got referred to a GIC").

I ALREADY have a pounding headache created by bureaucratic fools. This headache will be permanent for a few years, I guess.

My grandfather is dead. I'll write a coherent post about him later.

We're a family of Jewish atheists. Did we take the ashes home from the funeral? Nope. We took home all the extra food and lived on it for two days.


Daphne said...

A splendidly enjoyable concise post. Do write about your grandfather, please, I'd love to read it.

imma said...

headaches from bureaucracy can be annoyingly recursive, hopefully the bureaucrats and/or their incompetences are transient (the 'Remaining only for a short time' version)
*multi-purpose hugs*