Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A River in Egypt

My mum has written the definitive post about my grandfather. I still can't really be upset that he's dead, because both he and I were aware of the impossibility of the concept. My grandfather was immortal.

He projected an air of immortality wherever he went - from his "I'm king of the world" pose in photographs, to his undisguised contempt for "old codgers", most of whom were a decade or so younger than him.

I remember thinking Hagrid ludicrously naive when he gently suggested that my grandfather might not, actually, live to be a hundred.

In conclusion, it's equally ludicrous now that everyone's saying he's "dead". I saw his body, of course, to check - but they'd shaved off his beard just before I last saw him alive, so it looked nothing like him (he hated his face without hair, I have no idea why he consented to the procedure).

Now I'm thinking about it, this might be considered the "denial" stage of grief. Er... NO IT ISN'T.


Daphne said...

I'm with you on that river in Egypt. He didn't consent to have his beard shaved off - they took off most of it for the oxygen mask and then I think they shaved him properly after he died because they didn't know that he was a MAN WITH A BEARD.
But far better, I think, to have a father/grandfather who considered himself immortal at 85, than one who'd had enough of life.

Kate Walker said...

Sorry to hear about your grandad, Ollie. I actually read about it on your mum's blog (she writes very engagingly so although it may be a little creepy to read the blog of a mother of a friend, I can't help it) and popped over here to offer my condolences. Any time you need to talk, I'm fairly good at listening.

-- Kate Walker