Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Doctors vs. Comedians

If the progesterone-only pill, or, indeed, the "progestrogen-only FISH, wheeeeeeee, I am a moron" (see novel below) did cause male-pattern hair growth, I'm sure I would have noticed.

I'd be giving my GP some bullshit excuse by now about how I *really really* needed it...

If, like me, you stick your fingers in your ears and go "LALALALALALALA" whenever some ill-educated hack mentions Thomas Beattie, meaning that your fingers and ears have actually fused by now, you'll be relieved by the following joke from Mock the Week:

"What would you say to him, if you were a doctor?"
"Well, I'd say "The good news is, you've had a baby. The bad news is, it's blown your cock off,"."

If a real doctor, one I already knew, said that to me, as a joke... I would probably laugh so much that I peed myself a little bit.

Am I an oddity?

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