Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Firstly, I haven't read any good novels this summer - I've been reading factual books about bones and death rituals.

Does anyone have any reccommendations novel-wise?

Secondly, I'm about to go and visit my grandad in hospital, but am doing very little else other than dreading travelling tomorrow.

Thirdly, I was asked to define "cis-" as in cis woman, cis man, cis person.

"Cis" just means "non-trans". So, "cissexual" means non-transsexual, and "cisgender" means non-transgender.

Why do we need this piece of "jargon"? Why not just say "non-trans"?

Now, monotheistic religious people are welcome to refuse to use "cis-", because they believe that God created Normal Default Humans, and that trans people deviate from those norms - thus, Normal Default Humans need no label, and deviations do.

However, the majority of people I know are not religious lunatics, so need to scrap the idea of the Normal Default Human, understanding that trans people have existed in every society and in all periods of human existence. Therefore, we are products of the natural diversity that keeps species alive.

For example, I've heard American politicians use the phrase "people and black people" a few times, and don't wish to do so again.

Some of them were Democrats.

You can't make this stuff up.

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