Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Good stuff

Look, I've got free time this afternoon and no more free time EVAR.

My partner has bought me a remote-controlled toy car.

We're having an EPIC MARATHON SESSION (of Dungeons and Dragons, of course, what else?) this weekend. If you think that sounds nerdy, guess what tattoo I'm getting come September? I've got an archaeological half sleeve already.

We're going to Wacken Open Air, on that mythical pilgrimage in the land where beer comes in litres.

I'm naked on Youtube (not linking it, use your nous from my links).

I'm going to have a male name soon.

An actor I know, David Toole, popped up in a film I just watched (Amazing Grace, with an unreasonably sexy portrayal of William Wilberforce).

This is an extremely good song.

That is all.

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