Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Where they killed all the Jews

Moar socio-political obviousness - I promise I'll post some humourous pictures of cats later.

When someone says "I'm not racist, but..."

is the second part of the sentence always a) an honest, vicious, heroic attack on the ev0l forces of political correctness that have EATED OUR WORLD...

Or is it b) racist?

Secondly, is there this one masochistic black guy out there (not in the good S/M way, I mean in the self-esteem way) who makes friends with racists all the time, thus enabling them to use him as an example of his kind?

'Cause he has a packed social schedule.

aside: I've got far more white friends than minority ethnic friends. This is because I live in York, the whitest town in Britain. My grandparents always refused to move there because it's "where they killed all the Jews".

aside mk. II: That particular pogrom occurred in 1190.

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