Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Toiletgate, part fifty gazillion

I quite fancied going to Pride London this year, and would have done had I not been in Wales with my family.

But, as it turns out, the L! G!! B ...t movement is as farsighted as ever...

And wait just one second - the toilet options, AT PRIDE, which is an LGBT PRIDE EVENT, you know, an EVENT that celebrates LGBT PRIDE, are "men's", "women's" and "disabled"?

Oh, the stupid. The burning, burning stupid.

If I wasn't in a gay relationship, my homophobia would rival that of the Pope or Jeremy Clarkson, thanks to this kind of nonsense.

Oh, and Reason for Trans Separatism no. 1753, of which I have just thought: doesn't Joe Public have the words TRANSSEXUAL, SEX, SEX SEX SEX, SHEMALE, SEX and SEX all mixed up in his head? Just before he makes something sticky?

Therefore, isn't incorporation in a homosexual and bisexual initialism going to muddy the waters a bit more? Encourage people to think about an ev0l autogynephilic rapist straw man, rather than, you know, trans women?

I suppose there's the bigger issue of the perception that L, G, B and Q "lifestyles" are all about sex, that partnership and love don't get a look-in.

And the obvious fact that bigots don't differentiate between, say, a camp gay man, a male genderqueer and a trans woman.

So, we do rather need to be fighting shoulder to shoulder. I just wish that our supposed allies would make that a bit easier.

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