Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I'm typing this whole thing while wearing long fake fingernails (what is wrong with this picture? Oh yes, EVERYTHING). My friend and I thought yesterday that we'd practise our femmeness, and she proceeded to glue the things to my hands.

I don't have an alcoholic excuse or anything.

My friend removed her set after a couple of hours (because she'd gone through the usual post-urination machinations of hygiene with no adjustments, and was thus wincing a bit), but I think a REAL MAN isn't fazed by being unable to put on his own underwear.

We all went to see WALL-E yesterday. Well, I have nothing on Gareth now (when we saw Atonement at the cinema, he sobbed noisily throughout the second half) because I just cried all through the beginning of the film. It's the perfect portrayal of loneliness.

The only negative sentiment aroused in me by WALL-E was simple wonder at how our culture is disappearing up its own bum. It's a Disney film about the evils of an entertainment-based megacorporation.

Kate Bornstein discusses how the lead robots are not very gendered, so everyone sees their own happiest relationship - for example, ze sees a butch-femme interaction because ze's very femme.

I'll just happily believe that Disney/Pixar made the film with me in mind - look at EVE. It breaks everything it sees - it's slow to catch on to new ideas, but sticks to its guns - it even looks like the love of my life, with its penguinate form and adorable little face. Look at WALL-E - obsessive, tough on the outside but with romance in its soul.

I never promised a post that made sense.

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