Friday, 11 July 2008

Comments and Wives

OK, OK, comments are on already.

But y'all have to comment now.

Gareth and I are jokingly searching for a wife, because obviously I don't fit the bill and neither does he.

We need someone who will nurture and cuddle Gareth when he breaks a wall with his leg, rather than, say, point and laugh for half an hour.

Someone who won't tell any lie possible to get out of the washing up. "Everyone I have ever loved died in a freak cyclone today, so I don't quite feel up to it."

Though Moominmamma, that most nurturing and wifely of fictional characters, keeps the dirty plates under the bed and carries them outside when it rains.

Awesome! We'd both forget to take them outside :-)


Gareth said...

It would appear that I have developed a certian skin condition that means that if my hands get wet then I will die... could you do the washing up tonight dear.... where are you going? why Tescos?... It's ok you don't have to buy washing up gloves on my account!

Daphne said...

Rearrange these two words to make a clever machine: WASHER and DISH. Or, as I tend to call it, Washing-Up Machine. But you'd have to remember to load it. Which is difficult when the dishes are under your bed with Moominmamma's. Sighhhhhhhhhh.

Silverback said...

Eat at Daffy's house.

Problem sorted.

works for me too !!)

Sarah B said...

:p I own skirts that I wear on occasion, and I'm pretty! Pick me pick me pick me pick.