Thursday, 10 July 2008


If someone on a low income owns a car, is it likely to be a) a new car, or b) an old car?

Can someone on a low income a) buy a new car at will, or does ze b) have to keep the car ze has?

So... how EXACTLY is the new road tax not just money with menaces?

"Either do something you are unable to do, or give us the cash. You there! Yes, you on 10k. You obviously have a lot of money to spare, during this recession."

OK then, Chelsea tractors. Will someone on a high income, when given the choice between doing what ze likes and paying a few hundred pounds a) stop doing what ze likes, or b) pay a few hundred pounds?

Oh well! When all the working- and lower middle- classes have given up and gone on the dole, we'll get other people's money given to us in nice little parcels, to buy exactly what the government thinks is good for us. Isn't that life-affirming?

Before I explode:

Gareth points out that only this song can be guaranteed to depress both kinds of binary transsexual person...

(curiously, not me - if I am FtM rather than FtX, the initialism must be reconsidered as Failed to Mature... lulz penis)

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