Saturday, 12 July 2008

Interior Decor

I'm currently feeling like a rich person, as I'm staying over at my friend Luke's house - it's like a TV house, with a TV family in it.

I mean television, not transvestite.

And I don't mean the kind of television that's so prevalent nowadays, where the audience is invited to point and laugh at stupid people with rubbish lives... I mean fictional television, where everything is nice and shiny and pleasant and REALLY BLOODY EXPENSIVE.

*loses all genetic Commie leanings & desire to take archaeology (the paupers' discipline) any further*

Remind me to talk tomorrow about sexist pseudofeminists. "You think x, because all females think x! Don't treat yourself badly by saying you think y!"

Yes, I know that several people on my blogroll talk about the same thing more eloquently, but it's been affecting me personally more and more.

And I'll also talk about why I don't self-identify as an astronaut.

And link to an AWESOME AWESOME thing about the geek lifestyle.

bed now, kthxbai.

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